Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Episode 11: How to Change the Litter Pan

Sometimes a particular How To will come into my mind as a reflection of what kind of day I have had. For example, if you visit this site and see How to Smile at Everyone, you can assume I have had a good day. If you see How to Fall Down While Inexplicably Wearing a Tube Top, you can probably assume I was drinking at lunch. So today you get How to Change the Litter Pan because it was a bad day, one that was partially full of crap. And also because it was easier to draw than How to Serial Kill.

1 comment:

PatD said...

Things I'd like dg to teach me:

1). How to balance a checkbook.

2). How to plan a camping trip.

3). How to buy a car.

4). How to organize your kitchen utensil drawer.

5). How to repair a snow globe.

6). How to handle someone who cuts in front in a long line.

7). How to make great tasting turkey gravy.

8). How to make coffee when you discover you're all out of filters.

9). How to bargain at tag sales.

10). How to choose wine.