Friday, June 20, 2008

Episode 20: How to Avoid a Nervous Breakdown

Okay, so today I went to a puppet show at the public library. Big deal, I know. But it's this whole big puppet festival with troupes from around the world, all different countries that haven't had the good sense to just ban puppeteering outright. I'm sitting there watching grown people prance around in costume performing The Abduction From the Seraglio with hideous puppets on their hands when suddenly I realize that there are a whole lot of things that make me nervous all going on at the same time in a confined space: puppets, adults in doublets, children and even the library in general. I started to get a little unnerved so I was really glad when it all ended. But then! The menacing puppeteers came out into the audience and waved their puppets right in my face! I almost fainted. Good thing my sister was with me...she knew just what to whisper into my ear: "we'll have a beer at lunch."


beth lee said...

Law, I can't believe you went to that. I've been trying to avoid even making eye contact with those posters all over town.

DG Strong said...

The extra crazy part is that I designed the logo for it! It's awful, but it's what they wanted. La la la.

Anonymous said...

Under "things to embrace," you forgot the most important part --Xanax. Lyddie