Monday, June 9, 2008

Episode 9: How to RSVP

Now, it occurs to me that some of you will never need to know how to do this particular thing. You know who you are - you spend so much time reading blogs, you simply must be a shut-in who never gets invited anywhere. But! You just never know when you'll be called upon to attend a social gathering, like say when your half-sister-by-third-marriage gets her leg brace off, or perhaps your cousin Wayne is being released from a minimum-security facility and would like to share the evening repast with you and yours down at the Morrison's Cafeteria. These are the times when it's absolutely crucial to know How to RSVP correctly. Otherwise, they'll think you're coming, which of course you are not going to do.


Sometimes Roads Diverge said...
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Sometimes Roads Diverge said...

Why do I love your blog? Because it's fantastic. Simply fantastic.

As soon as I receive an invitation from my new favorite DG, I will quickly RSVP . . . and happily BMOB.