Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Episode 12: How to Work a Crossword Puzzle

Okay, so don't even TALK to me about that stupid sudoku. It's the stupidest thing ever invented, with the possible exception of those Kinoki pads you put on your feet to draw all the toxins out. Which I totally hope work! No, in my opinion, the best way to while away fifteen minutes or so is to work on a crossword puzzle. I usually enjoy a glass of wine while I'm doing it, which explains why sometimes the letters don't ever make it to the exact little square they probably should and it maybe looks like I was just making words up to finish the puzzle, but I know I knew the answer. It's not my fault YOU don't know that an Indonesian marmoset is called a "gwyminnet."


Tana Butler said...

Have you ever done a Merle Reagle puzzle? He's the best of the best. He's in the Sunday SF Chronicle magazine...the glossy paper makes it much more pleasant (for me) than handling newsprint.

Leah said...

Merle is great. Does he still do the hidden message you can only read once the puzzle is completed? You'd love him dg, he used to do these theme puzzles where say the theme was star, so any word that had star in it. like starstruck would be solved as sstruck. So made up words!