Sunday, June 15, 2008

Episode 15: How to Be Happy

Frankly, the few suggestions I give in this How To installment are all on the sugary-sweet, naïve side of advice-giving. Because I did all three of them today and they worked, instant mood-lifters. I admit there are some other days where these sort of Pollyanna-type activities would have no effect on my mood at all. In fact, on dark days such as those, I find that the only thing that can make me even the slightest bit happier is to Google old high-school or college enemies to see if they turned out more successful than me. If I'm lucky, their names pop up on mandatory sex-offender registries. If I'm really lucky, their names don't show up at all! And that is one happy day, let me tell you. I'm beaming just thinking about it.


Kaethe said...

Thanks, I need this advice today.

Debi said...

This blog is officially the Best Thing Ever.

Lisa said...

Is "pet your kitty" a euphemism? Well, that certainly works too.